Last Minute Planning Holiday Party Ideas-event


Make the party memorable and special by choosing spectacular Entertainment. This biggest mistake is putting this off until a last minute before your event. Most professional event planners have their entertainment booked 9-12 months in advance!  Start thinking about your last minute holiday parties NOW. Think about something new, perhaps Human Strolling TablesAerial Bartenders,  Entertainers between the CoursesCelebrity LookalikesHuman Living StatuesInteractive EntertainmentMagician or Speed Painter:

Aerial Bartender1. Aerial Bartenders: Our beautiful glamor perform breathtaking Aerial Chandelier Bartender will Amaze and entertain your guests as pours flutes of champagne while literally hanging upside down in the air! Aerial Bartenders or ‘Champagne Chandeliers’ are a unique and stunning entertainment concept for any event!  Their grace, stamina and scintillating presence will entertain your guests at any live events or VIP parties.

strolling table2. Human Strolling Tables: Living Tables are a surreal yet functional way to present desserts, place cards, or party favors. Cocktail Hour: Our Strolling Tables make a great first impression. There is no better way to create a festive mood than to have our gliding goddesses offer guests their first cocktail or appetizer. Dessert: A jaw-dropping late night surprise: The double doors swing open as our glamorous human tables glide into the room presenting elegant desserts! Choose from a variety of designs including Marie Antoinette, the Gold Goddess, the Vegas Showgirl, and the Human Crystal Chandeliers . Gorgeous  models and theatrical drag queen performers are both available.

3. After Dinner Cirque: Imagine their surprise! The final course is served and the show begins. These seated shows can range from 25 to 90 minutes – acts being performed in an atmosphere of wonderment. You watch in delight while your guests are in awe of each performance.

4. Entertainers between the Courses: Imagine Guests are seated and before the first course – Aerial Acrobats are flying over the crowd dangling from high above. Just before their second course – a contortionist appears transforming her body into poses you never thought possible. Entertainment between the courses is designed for clients with time or monetary limitations. Guests continue to network and socialize during the event while they are dazzled by each performer.

5. Celebrity Lookalikes: Book Live Talent For your Event or Function – Book live talent for your concerts, coporate events, conventions, films, infomercials, parties, photo oppurtunities, print, television, and more.

6. Hire a Human Living Statues: The Human Statues poses as a lifelike mannequin and may make subtle movements to attract onlookers and to draw curiosity.

7. Ambiance Performers and Interactive Entertainment: Concepts transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. An Interactive Performer or stilt walkers can be the perfect choice for events and parties of all types.

8. Magician: There are several types of magic shows to consider. They include Close-up magic, Cabaret/stage magic, Grand Illusion magic, and Mentalism magic. Close-up magic, or “strolling magic” is suitable for smaller more intimate audiences such as banquets, cocktail parties, and hospitality suites. The magician goes from table to table and performs sleight of hand tricks using playing cards, coins and other small objects. Cabaret Magic, or Stage Show Magic is most often performed on a small stage, and is usually supplemented with comedy, music, and audience participation. Grand Illusion magic shows are performed by magicians on larger stages, and feature more elaborate magic acts such as sawing a person in half, making an audience member disappear, and escape artist tricks. Mentalism is a type of magic, which focuses on mind reading, telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis and other psychic illusions.

9.  Speed Painter: Whether your needs are a short signature presentation or a full entertainment program, Fast Painter will always deliver, charm and energize your attendees. Bursting with energy, touching motivational speeches contra Fast Painter is a multi-talented ultra faceted artist. Fast Painter to guarantee flawless entertainment tailored to suit your needs. An unforgettable experience.

10. You will find a cigar girl or dancers superb as mix and mingle entertainers. These party entertainers offer something different to the standard corporate entertainers, and will charm your guests.

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