Photo Expo-Trade Show Ideas

IMG_0548Expo and Trade Show Entertainmet Ideas

Photo Expo-Trade Show Entertainers Ideas, Successful photo is Shaping for Camera show #photography more than just taking pictures with a good camera. As with other forms of art, well-executed photography always strives to convey an idea or message in one way or another – a good example of this is Action Photography Create perfect Action at your Expo booth with Aerial Artistry entertainers for your next trade show or expo! Timing is a key element in great action photography. If you shoot at the right moment you’ll get a better shot than if you miss the moment. The secrets to good timing are knowledge of thefullsizerender sport you’re photographing, great way to practice work live #entertainers example #swardswallower #firebreahter or #snakecharming. If you know the techniques are second nature, you’ll find that luck will come your way a lot more frequently. You’ll see those key moments developing, and be ready to capture them when they occur. #expo #expofilm #tradeshowphotography #photoplusexpo Aerial Artistry is a world class Entertainment. Every effort is made to provide the entertainment which meets your needs, and we are assured that you will be pleased with our services. No request is too large or too small. “we make dreams come true”.We have unique entertainment with the “best” Acts/Talents include Cirque performers include Cirque performers, Magicians, Dancers, Promotional Models, Strolling Tables, Aerial Acrobats, Living Red Carpet and more. We also feature Aerial Bartenders, look alike impersonators, and more! “We make Dreams Come True” Aerial Artistry provides the best and most talented performers.Contact us today or Call for a quote 1(917)755 7744 or send us EMAIL for unique entertainment options and an impressive collection of ‘WOW Factor’ entertainment.

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Your Next Corporate Event Should be the Best One Yet

Corporate events can be a great way to showcase your products or services, or establish your brand in the market. Creating that wow factor during the event is crucial if you want to be taken seriously amongst your contemporaries. This can be achieved by engaging participants by hosting various performances that keep them on their toes. Research conducted by Audiencemetrix shows that participants end up feeling bored or disengaged by the end of the event, which completely beats the point of having the event in the first place.

Aerial Artistry

If you are looking for something new and creative to keep your audience on point and engaged throughout, you will need to think a little ‘out of the box’. Rather than going the traditional route for your next event, perhaps you should consider to hire corporate event performers in New York. What is great about corporate event performers is that they can quickly escalate the level of engagement and keep your participants on their toes. This interaction will leave a lasting impression on your customers’, and be a great place to push additional products and services that perhaps they weren’t aware of.

With that said, if you feel the need for spectacular corporate party services in Los Angeles? Aerial Artistry should be your go-to choice. With a list of entertainment options on your fingertips you are spoilt for choice. With us you can hire a comedian, magician, mentalist, hypnotist, juggler, ventriloquist, speaker, cirque performer; or if you have something else on your mind for your next corporate event, then just let us know.

When it comes to offering a vast array of corporate event performers Aerial Artistry will leave no stone unturned in supplying the best entertainment to give life to your next event. If you’re thinking of ideas that are completely out of the box; like a professional contortionists or acrobat – we have that too. If you are looking to take everyone by surprise at your corporate event, we have ideas that can do just that.

To uncover more about entertainment options like cirque acts, aerial bartenders, promotional models, burlesque dancers, and others, visit our website today!


Here is where you get the best company holiday party ideas in New York

Gyulnara3Has it been a long time since you organized a party for your company? Have you been planning a corporate gathering for months? In case, your corporate holiday party has been postponed ‘n’ number of times by now, make sure the fun does not get put over once again. If, in the past, you have organized unforgettable company holiday parties with endless entertainment, set the standard high for this time as well. If out of ideas, there’s no need for you to worry. Put your best foot forward in planning the best ever corporate holiday party and let us, at Aerial Artistry, take care of the rest.strolling_table_main_big2

When it comes to giving ideas for corporate holiday parties, Aerial Artistry scores the preference of one and all every time. If you aim to leave a lasting impression on the minds of all your guests with an unmatched corporate holiday party entertainment, initiate contact with Aerial Artistry to make your company holiday party unforgettable. Working with popular entertainers in USA and all across the globe, we are a name that you can rely on for an event filled with endless entertainment. Be it cirque performers, clean comedians, magicians, hypnotists, or mentalists, we have worked with all. Even if you require showgirls, strolling tables, mirror man, aerial bartender, jugglers, and other artists to make your corporate holiday party memorable, rest assured you won’t have to look elsewhere.

That said, stop worrying about the element of corporate holiday party entertainment. Let one of the best company holiday party ideas in New York by Aerial Artistry make your corporate party a massive hit.



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Champagne Aerialists – Aerial Bar Tenders for Events – Aerial Artistry

champagne aerial server
Hire beautiful aerial bartender from

For corporate company parties, aerial bartending can be the secret weapon to giving your soiree the ultimate “wow” factor.

Already big in locales like Los Angeles, Miami New York and San Francisco, aerial bartending involves professional performers suspended from the beautiful crystal chandelier either on silks, a lyra, static trapeze or harness and pouring guests flutes of light-colored beverages, such as champagne.

Ideal for cocktail hour, or for giving guests an eyeful of magic right when they walk in the door, aerial bartending actually requires less venue features than you might think. Many aerialists pour/perform from their own portable rigs, or attach to a single rigging point (such as an exposed beam or theatrical grid). A satellite bar is then typically stationed beneath them with a stock of glasses and beverage, often with a regular bartender on terra firma to help out.

Typically, an aerialist will take care to make sure guests aren’t walking right underneath them, and this is where the satellite bar comes in handy. Guests simply approach the bar like they normally would, and a beautiful being suspended from the sky hands them their drink!

When the aerialist isn’t pouring beverages, he or she can move through poses and sequences to lend your party an exciting atmosphere. The beauty of aerial bartending is how adaptable it is to different party themes! Your aerialist’s costume and sequences can be light and playful or dark and mysterious. No matter what, it’s always pretty glamorous.

Have YOU ever seen an aerial bartender in action? What was it like?

Our glamorous aerial acrobats will meet and greet your guests from above while pouring champagne! Whatever your event requires – Aerial Artistry can provide!

We can also take care of all the rigging requirements and even have free standing aerial rigging for venues that don’t have rigging points. We have it all covered, so look no further.  For more information on hiring our aerial acrobats or to book one of our stunning aerial shows contact us today at

BOOKING AERIALISTS and Circus Entertainment from

BOOKING AERIALISTS and Circus Entertainment

FullSizeRenderAerial Artistry offers stunning aerial acrobats and acrobatic circus performers, We offer bespoke aerial shows and all our aerial acrobats are guaranteed to entertain and wow your guests as they perform high in the air, leaving you stunned by their strength, grace, elegance and flexible moves. Aerial Artistry are an extremely popular entertainment option for corporate events, festivals, weddings, private parties, promotions, parties, product launches, stadium events, bat/bar mitzvahs and nightclubs.

aerial-bartender14Demonstrating different genres of aerial acrobats from aerial silks, aerial hoop, aerial straps, flying pole and trapeze performers. We have solo aerial acrobats, stunning aerial duo’s, trios or groups of aerial performers,  flying trapeze troupes, or how about aerial acrobats suspended from giant helium balloons? Have you considered hiring our dazzling aerial champagne chandeliers? Our glamorous aerial acrobats will meet and greet your guests from above while pouring champagne! Whatever your event requires – Aerial Artistry can provide!


We can also take care of all the rigging requirements and even have free standing aerial rigging for venues that don’t have rigging points. We have it all covered, so look no further.  For more information on hiring our aerial acrobats or to book one of our stunning aerial shows contact us today at #PartyEntertainers #EventPlanners #EventPerformers #CircusEntertainment

Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas 2018

Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas and Top Cirque entertainment, Circus acts, Cirque style shows for Company Holiday Party 2018. Aerial Artistry can provide a circus show from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Cirque Style Entertainment-Aerial ArtistryAerial Artistry brings top entertainers from professional circus performers to clean comedians, magicians, mentalists, aerial acrobats, jugglers and cirque style show – all perfect for company holiday and Christmas party entertainment.

Imagine kickoff your company holiday party with Cirque style? Allow our performers to circulate throughout your party engaging your guests and have them craving for more.

It’s Not just another Holiday Party when Circus acts are laced throughout your program. Guests are captivated as performers astonish your audience with alluring acts performed before their eyes. Imagine Guests are seated and before the first course. Cirque performers are flying over the crowd dangling from high above. Just before their second course, a contortionist appears transforming her body into poses you never thought possible. Entertainment between the courses is designed for clients with time or monetary limitations. Guests continue to network and socialize during the Holliday party event while they are dazzled by each performer. Company Holiday Party Dinner Surprise! The final course is served and the show begins. These seated shows can range from 25 to 90 minutes acts being performed in an atmosphere of wonderment. You watch in delight while your guests are in awe of each performance.

Celebrate holidays 2018 that once in a lifetime event. Cirque performers mold themselves into your theme with their exceptional talent. A performer who balances himself on multiple canes while using only one arm. Hanging above trapeze artists excite your guests with magnificent style.Any celebration is elevated to new heights when our performers dazzle your guests as you party like never before. Circus performers fascinate guests everywhere. Any setting is perfect convention centers, arenas, theaters or even outside! Performances are created in any length you desire.

So inject some flair into your company holiday party 2018 and get your group having a great time. Tell us more about your event to quickly get a tailored list of on-budget, audience appropriate, and memorable, entertainment ideas.


Make Your Event Memorable With Party Entertainment In Las Vegas

Are you organizing a product launch and want to make sure that the event is exquisitely entertaining to steal the hearts of your valued guests? Do you know that the decorations, the lights, and even the product probably wouldn’t matter to many, once a few days have passed? If you envision people talking about your event long after it is over, you must do something unique to sweep them off their feet. Don’t ponder over it and hire the best service providers of party entertainment in Las Vegas. Garlanding your event with entertainers like contortionists, hand balancers, acrobats, etc. would leave a vivid memory in your guests’ brains and they would relate it with that fond memory of the entertainment they received.cropped-frontbanner_20162-1024x6831.png

Aerial Artistry is a leading entertainment company in New Yorkwho have a rich history of providing excellent services to their clients for various Corporate Events, Gala Events, Trade Shows, Expos, Grand Openings, Weddings and Sweet 16 events. What keeps them aloof is the fact that they uniquely specialize each entertainment event in a manner that it would seamlessly dwell in with the theme of your event. To know more about these first class entertainment services, browse through the website and book an appointment today!


How to Plan an Event that is worth Investment?

All events start out as a plan or an idea, but the key to bringing your idea into an actual being needs some brainstorming. What is the size and genre of your event? Is this a private, public or a corporate event? If this is a small corporate event, you may probably be able to handle the tasks all by yourself. But, if the event size is big, you will require some passionate people in all probability for better corporate event planning in New York.

This is quite necessary to keep your mind open and awake while planning your event. If you have entertainment-related inputs to frame into your corporate event, this is a good idea to document the discussion with some corporate event entertainment planners. Once you are agreed upon an idea of event in your mind, now is the time to develop the plan a little more. Now, make a further move to determine the objectives and outcomes, audience and other necessities of the event. The pointers as provided below can be a bit of your help to develop your event plan into the real being:

• This is very crucial to be clear and concise about your event idea and its objectives. What do you expect from the corporate event you have scheduled? What are the keywords that better define the event?

• The audience is as important as the performers are at an event. So, focus on who your event is trying to reach to. Once you have a target audience in your mind, it would be easy to plan suitable activities to be commenced at the event.

Objectives, outcomes, and audience of the event help you determine the prerequisites of the event and decide if the investment you have made to organize the event is worth it.

Wedding isn’t just a fusion of two souls but a story in itself – wedding services that click

A wedding is just another event for the guests but the hosts; it is something that they would want to remember in the right light for their complete life. Starting with hosting friends and family, ensuring that the guests are entertained is an extra headache for a family that is already profoundly indulged in taking care of the vivid rituals and traditions.

To make sure the guests have the right atmosphere and are adequately entertained, take help from professional wedding entertainment services; ideas that will be the icing on the cake and will leave you behind only with fond memories of the special day. Your guests are your gods for a day because nobody wants an auspicious night/affair to end on the wrong note and with an individual complaining about something or the other. To make sure you have the right arrangements in place, look for refreshing wedding entertainment hire ideas from the experts who do this day in and out.

The complete event entertainment, management, and promotional agency fulfilling your every desire of doing something positively and popularly. Aerial Artistry is the door to knock when in search of special arrangements for a Gala event, Engagement/Ring ceremony, Grand openings, and Weddings of all types and sizes.

Be prepared to entertain – with Aerial

Hire the best of NYC corporate exhibition entertainers – Aerial Artistry

Aerial Artistry is a first class Corporate Entertainment Agency for Events, providing corporate entertainment for events of all types.Cirque Style Entertainment-Aerial Artistry

Are you looking to host a spectacular Miami party? We offer numerous party entertainment services across Miami, where you have the option to hire the best of Miami’s corporate exhibition entertainers. Allow us to be your event planner for Miami and Florida.

The company has a unique vision to create an entertainment program specific to your event, be that a meeting or any other type of corporate event.

Perhaps you are looking for Event Entertainment in Las Vegas? Aerial Artistry has several years of experience putting together events in this most spectacular towns.

All our shows are custom created to meet your needs. Our greatest satisfaction comes from our ability to develop specialized, high end entertainment concepts. As our performers dazzle, your guests will be wowed, as they witness a first class production.

cropped-cropped-frontbanner_2016-1024x68311.pngIf you are based in New York, we are also listed amongst event production companies in NYC.

Successful events start with an imaginative idea and we are happy to suggest creative themes and performance possibilities to suit your needs.

If you are west coast based, please allow us to be your Los Angeles Event Planner and create an idea that will live long in your memory.

If you are looking for entertainment for your next corporate event, party or wedding, then you are in the right place. Aerial Artistry provides first class event entertainment as well as promotional models for special occasions.


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