Top party entertainment ideas & corporate event entertainment in Las Vegas

Aerial Artistry is high-end entertainment menagment & Talent booking agency. We supply the top entertainers & performers for all types of corporate entertainment events and parties, private celebrations, PR campaigns, buisness meetings and international events. With more than 3,000 entertainers to choose from we have plenty of party entertainment ideas & corporate event entertainment in Las Vegas to make your event unforgettable. visit us

If you are looking for Entertainment for your next corporate event, party or wedding then you are in the right place.​  Aerial Artistry one of USA leading suppliers of entertainment to corporate events, private parties and weddings. Aerial Artistry helps you book top party entertainment for your corporate event. There are so many entertainment ideas that you can select from to make your company event fun and memorable.  

It’s time to change all that by sourcing some top-notch entertainment for your event. Whether you’re organising a corporate event, an awards show, or a private party, event entertainment is a great way to keep your guests…entertained!

Here are 10 event entertainment ideas that will really surprise your guests.

  1. Wallpaper Body Models 

An event wall? Really? Yes, if used correctly you will get great reactions by simply putting up an event wall that adds style and character to your event. Our wallpaper body paint are applied directly to models’ bodies and match up perfectly with their background, acting as a kind of camouflage. But the bodies are not entirely hidden in the patterns; rather, they become part of the pattern and allow the background to flow even more beautifully. Perfect idea for any product launches and promotions events.

2. Living Topiary

Did we say stand out from the crowd? We meant that literally. You see with Living Topiary on hand, your event will really spring to life. What at first appears to be human-shaped hedges, are in fact, hedge-shaped humans. They can happily walk around your venue, waving, hugging and generally putting a smile on the faces of your guests. A unique novelty act!R

3. Ambiance Performers and strolling tables

Stuck in a conversation at the back of the room? Strolling acts are perfect for making sure that nobody misses the fun by coming to you! There are various types of wandering acts including magicians and caricaturists, Greet your guests upon arrival with a gorgeous human strolling table serving glasses of champagne. Our beautiful strolling tables can hand out items place cards, name badges, candy, cigars, Mardi-Grass beads, casino chips, celebrate look like programs and more.


Many parties make do with basic nibbles, whilst catering companies serve up dishes that unfortunately we’ve all tried before; risotto anyone? Take your event to the highest level. Impress your guests from the first moment they come with a welcome drink served directly from the air! Adding instant atmosphere and sophistication to your special event, beautiful Champagne Aerialist will greet your guests upon at arrival with a glass of champagne served while she suspended from crystal chandelier high in the air! 

5. Giant Martini Glass 

Burlesque Dancers in Martini Glass- The martini glass dancers is the perfect addition to make any event spectacular! This elegant Martini Glass performer can be used as a focal point to draw your guests eyes over to the amazing show at your event. Watch our beautiful brulesque dancers or acrobats perform inside the martini glass filled with sparkling water. Incorporate this unique giant martini glass into a drink-serving bar or scintillating performance, it will turn up the heat at any event! Your guests will be entertained with a spectacular martini glass dance show, fire can also be added for an extra ‘Wow’ factor. The Martini Glass dancer is the unique idea for any corporate event, VIP Event, promotional event, beach hotel event or private party. 

6. Glow Show

The glow show is a spellbinding display of technical prowess and a multitude of colored lights. Combining breathtaking art of movement with elements of Visual Illumination will provide an amazing visual impact that will WOW audiences at any event. LED Lights performances can incorporate company branding, logos and pictures into a personalized performance, making them an ideal entertainment option for promotional events, advertising and product launches. 

7. Lollipop

What’s better than a performer who can intoract with guests ? The answer is, of course, performer on Lollipop Lyra is a great option for when you want to add a huge wow factor to your event, but you don’t have the ceiling height or space for aerial. Lollipop lyra can be performed solo, but looks even more exciting when performed as a duo! The lollipop Hoop requires a footprint of 10x10ft and a ceiling height of 12ft. It’s spellbinding, spectacular and serene.

8. Magician

You won’t believe your eyes! Magicians have great potential to uplift the energy and excitement levels of your guests, as they keep on interacting with the audience during the show. One on one interaction with the audience during an entertainment show is always believed to be highly important and magicians are too good at following this tactic so that audience can be kept excited and entertained. 

Close-up magic good for banquets, cocktail parties and hospitality suites. The magician performs using playing cards, coins and other small objects. Cabaret Magic or Stage Show Magic perform comedy, music, and audience participation.Mentalism magic focuses on mind reading telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis and other psychic illusions. 


There’s nothing quite like Spark! speed painters offer conic portraits as our speed artist creates stunning likenesses of famous faces in just a few minutes. Out live event artist paints the canvases upside down so that the final reveal of the finished piece never fails to wow the crowd, and this magnetic entertainer can even make his live art masterpieces using revolving canvases. They combine LEDs, incredible costumes and of course, some good old-fashioned banging of drums. This visual feast for the eyes is the type of entertainment that nobody imagines exists until they see it, and you can bet your bottom dollar that well over half of your attendees will have their phones out ready to take a quick picture before they’ve even finished the first minute of their routine.


There are a whole host of different types of entertainment out there to suit your occasion. In fact, the only limit is probably your imagination!

If we’ve inspired you with these ideas, then no matter what the budget, we at Sternberg Clarke endeavour to create the perfect event for you. Check out our website and get in touch for more information!

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