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Gyulnara3Has it been a long time since you organized a party for your company? Have you been planning a corporate gathering for months? In case, your corporate holiday party has been postponed ‘n’ number of times by now, make sure the fun does not get put over once again. If, in the past, you have organized unforgettable company holiday parties with endless entertainment, set the standard high for this time as well. If out of ideas, there’s no need for you to worry. Put your best foot forward in planning the best ever corporate holiday party and let us, at Aerial Artistry, take care of the rest.strolling_table_main_big2

When it comes to giving ideas for corporate holiday parties, Aerial Artistry scores the preference of one and all every time. If you aim to leave a lasting impression on the minds of all your guests with an unmatched corporate holiday party entertainment, initiate contact with Aerial Artistry to make your company holiday party unforgettable. Working with popular entertainers in USA and all across the globe, we are a name that you can rely on for an event filled with endless entertainment. Be it cirque performers, clean comedians, magicians, hypnotists, or mentalists, we have worked with all. Even if you require showgirls, strolling tables, mirror man, aerial bartender, jugglers, and other artists to make your corporate holiday party memorable, rest assured you won’t have to look elsewhere.

That said, stop worrying about the element of corporate holiday party entertainment. Let one of the best company holiday party ideas in New York by Aerial Artistry make your corporate party a massive hit.



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Champagne Aerialists – Aerial Bar Tenders for Events – Aerial Artistry

champagne aerial server
Hire beautiful aerial bartender from

For corporate company parties, aerial bartending can be the secret weapon to giving your soiree the ultimate “wow” factor.

Already big in locales like Los Angeles, Miami New York and San Francisco, aerial bartending involves professional performers suspended from the beautiful crystal chandelier either on silks, a lyra, static trapeze or harness and pouring guests flutes of light-colored beverages, such as champagne.

Ideal for cocktail hour, or for giving guests an eyeful of magic right when they walk in the door, aerial bartending actually requires less venue features than you might think. Many aerialists pour/perform from their own portable rigs, or attach to a single rigging point (such as an exposed beam or theatrical grid). A satellite bar is then typically stationed beneath them with a stock of glasses and beverage, often with a regular bartender on terra firma to help out.

Typically, an aerialist will take care to make sure guests aren’t walking right underneath them, and this is where the satellite bar comes in handy. Guests simply approach the bar like they normally would, and a beautiful being suspended from the sky hands them their drink!

When the aerialist isn’t pouring beverages, he or she can move through poses and sequences to lend your party an exciting atmosphere. The beauty of aerial bartending is how adaptable it is to different party themes! Your aerialist’s costume and sequences can be light and playful or dark and mysterious. No matter what, it’s always pretty glamorous.

Have YOU ever seen an aerial bartender in action? What was it like?

Our glamorous aerial acrobats will meet and greet your guests from above while pouring champagne! Whatever your event requires – Aerial Artistry can provide!

We can also take care of all the rigging requirements and even have free standing aerial rigging for venues that don’t have rigging points. We have it all covered, so look no further.  For more information on hiring our aerial acrobats or to book one of our stunning aerial shows contact us today at

Company Holidays party-Hire Aerial Champagne Service

22540034_10155759612842770_232927596313927023_nHire Aerial Champagne Service Entertainmet

Aerial performers serve champagne or your drink of choice while suspended above your guests off a chandelier. Perfect for the cocktail hour or welcoming guests, she pours flutes of champagne to the crowd below while dancing in the air

Another successful corporate event for Looking for a unique and eye catching way to serve your champagne? Consider having one of our graceful aerial bartenders pour it as they float above your guest. The aerial chandelier can hold over a dozen bottles of your favorite libation and can be hung indoors or outdoors with our portable aerial rig For the performance, the aerialist can use a lyra, aerial hammock, harness or fabric silks. champagne chandelier aerial bartender event planners event entertainment. 22552506_10155759612847770_6195849600123423001_n

Performers can accommodate any beverage from champagne to non-alcoholic choices. We work with your caterer and venue.

Guest Count: We can adapt big to smaller venues and can set up multiple drink stations as your venue space will allow.

Colors and style: We have multiple aerial apparatus choices and can coordinate colors and costumes with your event’s theme.

Types of Venues: This act has rigging requirements that a representative will be happy to discuss with you and your venue or wedding coordinator during your consultation.

Our adjustable free-standing rigs are also available and ideal for outdoor events or large venues with no rigging capabilities.

Offering everything from sophisticated background entertainment and interactive walkabout performers to full-scale stage productions and breathtaking wow factor acts, we have something to suit every occasion. Get your quote today to find out more about corporate entertainment.

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Last Minute Planning Holiday Party Ideas-event


Make the party memorable and special by choosing spectacular Entertainment. This biggest mistake is putting this off until a last minute before your event. Most professional event planners have their entertainment booked 9-12 months in advance!  Start thinking about your last minute holiday parties NOW. Think about something new, perhaps Human Strolling TablesAerial Bartenders,  Entertainers between the CoursesCelebrity LookalikesHuman Living StatuesInteractive EntertainmentMagician or Speed Painter:

Aerial Bartender1. Aerial Bartenders: Our beautiful glamor perform breathtaking Aerial Chandelier Bartender will Amaze and entertain your guests as pours flutes of champagne while literally hanging upside down in the air! Aerial Bartenders or ‘Champagne Chandeliers’ are a unique and stunning entertainment concept for any event!  Their grace, stamina and scintillating presence will entertain your guests at any live events or VIP parties.

strolling table2. Human Strolling Tables: Living Tables are a surreal yet functional way to present desserts, place cards, or party favors. Cocktail Hour: Our Strolling Tables make a great first impression. There is no better way to create a festive mood than to have our gliding goddesses offer guests their first cocktail or appetizer. Dessert: A jaw-dropping late night surprise: The double doors swing open as our glamorous human tables glide into the room presenting elegant desserts! Choose from a variety of designs including Marie Antoinette, the Gold Goddess, the Vegas Showgirl, and the Human Crystal Chandeliers . Gorgeous  models and theatrical drag queen performers are both available.

3. After Dinner Cirque: Imagine their surprise! The final course is served and the show begins. These seated shows can range from 25 to 90 minutes – acts being performed in an atmosphere of wonderment. You watch in delight while your guests are in awe of each performance.

4. Entertainers between the Courses: Imagine Guests are seated and before the first course – Aerial Acrobats are flying over the crowd dangling from high above. Just before their second course – a contortionist appears transforming her body into poses you never thought possible. Entertainment between the courses is designed for clients with time or monetary limitations. Guests continue to network and socialize during the event while they are dazzled by each performer.

5. Celebrity Lookalikes: Book Live Talent For your Event or Function – Book live talent for your concerts, coporate events, conventions, films, infomercials, parties, photo oppurtunities, print, television, and more.

6. Hire a Human Living Statues: The Human Statues poses as a lifelike mannequin and may make subtle movements to attract onlookers and to draw curiosity.

7. Ambiance Performers and Interactive Entertainment: Concepts transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. An Interactive Performer or stilt walkers can be the perfect choice for events and parties of all types.

8. Magician: There are several types of magic shows to consider. They include Close-up magic, Cabaret/stage magic, Grand Illusion magic, and Mentalism magic. Close-up magic, or “strolling magic” is suitable for smaller more intimate audiences such as banquets, cocktail parties, and hospitality suites. The magician goes from table to table and performs sleight of hand tricks using playing cards, coins and other small objects. Cabaret Magic, or Stage Show Magic is most often performed on a small stage, and is usually supplemented with comedy, music, and audience participation. Grand Illusion magic shows are performed by magicians on larger stages, and feature more elaborate magic acts such as sawing a person in half, making an audience member disappear, and escape artist tricks. Mentalism is a type of magic, which focuses on mind reading, telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis and other psychic illusions.

9.  Speed Painter: Whether your needs are a short signature presentation or a full entertainment program, Fast Painter will always deliver, charm and energize your attendees. Bursting with energy, touching motivational speeches contra Fast Painter is a multi-talented ultra faceted artist. Fast Painter to guarantee flawless entertainment tailored to suit your needs. An unforgettable experience.

10. You will find a cigar girl or dancers superb as mix and mingle entertainers. These party entertainers offer something different to the standard corporate entertainers, and will charm your guests.

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