Cisco’s annual partner marketing conference event follow by corporate entertainment-event

Cisco’s annual partner marketing conference, Partner Velocity, wrapped up in Las Vegas in February 2012. Two hundred and thirty-five partners from 24 countries were in attendance to witness Cisco’s recently appointed VP of global partner marketing, Amanda Jobbins, sing her heart out during the closing ceremony. I can confidently confirm that she passed her trial by fire with flying colors and her future at Cisco (or Glee, if she decides to pursue that path) is fully secured. Cisco’s “Marketing Badge” concept is going to be well received by its partners.  Partners acknowledged that because they are not adept at all aspects of marketing, they hope that the certification will provide them with marketing education skills across the board, including those for lead management, demand generation, event marketing, etc. Cisco is committed to growing the social strategies of its partners.  During her opening remarks, Amanda Jobbins stressed that “84% of Fortune 100 companies are active on social media.”  This theme resonated throughout the course of the event and partners responded with urgency: boatloads cashed in on their free social media audits. Cisco is investing in community development for the long run.  Partners voiced that Cisco’s commitment to building a community through webinars, online portals, events, etc. is going to make all the difference in their ability to connect and share best practices with their peers.  There were a unique entreatment during the event party provided by Aerial Artistry this entertainment program included contortion, cirque acrobats and aerial bartender. Aerial Artistry Entertainers created an aura of elegance as Aerial Bartender  poured drinks up from while literally hanging upside down in the air, add a touch of unique glamour.  Aerial Artistry made this party unforgettable and breathtaking experience.

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