Hire Champagne Chandelier Aerialist

Aerial Bartenders

Hire Champagne Chandelier Aerialist

Our Concession Designed and created by Aerial Artistry Aerial Bartenders or ‘Champagne Chandeliers’ are a unique and stunning entertainment concept for any event!  We currently have 3 different sizes available! We do have two largest crystal Champagne chandelier, fully lit with controllable colour changing LED lights from which aerial can be performed. It is unique in its design and size, it is truly a stunning bespoke creation.

While hanging through the crystal chandelier, our beautiful costumed aerial bartenders elegantly turns and dances her spectacular choreography serving your the crowd below with champagne from  to the crowd below.

Performers can accommodate any beverage from champagne to freshly made cocktails. 
This act consists of (2) 30 Minute or (3) 20 sets performances in which our performer is hanging (upside down!) from the ceiling above her audience surrounded by a beautifully designed chandelier This is the perfect centre piece at corporate events, trade show, grand opening, weddings!
The Champagne Chandelier rises and lowers for maximum impact, allowing the performer to somersault high above guest’s heads and low enough to serve champagne at a perfect height. The bespoke design allows for up to 8 bottles to hang under the chandelier, without losing their bubbles. Champagne Chandelier is perfect for dazzling at a wide range of events and sets off an event space to perfection, even when it’s not part of the performance. All chandeliers come with chandelier, costume, aerialist, assistant, rigging, and lighting.

  • frontbanner_2016-1024x683.pngSmall Chandelier: good for spaces 16’ and higher/ This price includes an assistant.
  • Medium Chandelier:good for spaces 18’ and higher/ This price includes an assistant.
  • Large Chandelier: good for spaces 20’ and higher/ This price includes an assistant.
  • Video link https://youtu.be/r5sHbggpOYc

In addition to Aerial Bartending, we have a range of our stunning aerial acts that can perform beneath the Champagne Chandelier.

The feature performance is our dynamic male and female aerial duo hoop act. This can be performed with or without our beautiful Feather showgirls and led feather fans. Together the production of dancers, acrobalance, beautiful aerial skills and gorgeous choreography, we bring you a fabulous new way to stun and amaze your guests.
We have many in house acts that will complement our Champagne chandelier such as chandelier diva hostess and living tables, stunning stilt walkers and living statues, bubble sphere acts, fire shows, dancers and more, so please feel free to ask for additional acts to create your bespoke production. CALL TODAY Free (888)470-0743

IMG_5278-1.jpgAerial Artistry is a world class Entertainment. Every effort is made to provide the entertainment which meets your needs, and we are assured that you will be pleased with our services. No request is too large or too small. “we make dreams come true”.We have unique entertainment with the “best” Acts/Talents include Cirque acts performers, Magicians, Dancers, Promotional Models, Strolling Tables and Living Red Carpet. We also feature Aerial Bartenders, look alike impersonators, and more! “We make Dreams Come True” Aerial Artistry provides the best and most talented performers.

Contact us today http://www.AerialArtistry.com or Call for a quote 1(917)755 7744 or send us EMAIL for unique entertainment options and an impressive collection of ‘WOW Factor’ entertainment.

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