Book or Hire an Aerial Bartender or Champagne Pouring Aerialist in Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Aerial Bartender or Champagne Pouring Aerialist in LA

Aerial Artistry has available the best Champagne Aerialists and Aerial Bartenders in LA for corporate special and international events.  Contact us for a range of Champagne Aerialists for your event.

Aerial Bartender or Champagne Pouring Aerialist in LAAll events – weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, corporate functions, marketing events, children’s parties, trade show, awards ceremony – become special events, when a unique entertainers performs.Looking to hire unique Entertainment  Aerial Bartenders? Jugglers? Aerial Acrobats? Strolling tables ? Magician? belly dancers? From boxing exhibitions to promotional models, from Las Vegas to California,  Aerial Artistry has the unique variety entertainment available for your next event.

Our Concession Designed and created by Aerial Artistry Aerial Bartenders or ‘Champagne Chandeliers’ are a unique and stunning entertainment concept for any event! A timeless rink, loved by all for its smooth texture and sophisticated feel, Champagne is the true measure of a great night out. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we bring you a service that will absolutely WOW your guests. Our Aerial Bartender available in Los Angeles this act consists of (2) 30 Minute or (3) 20 sets performances in which our performer is hanging (upside down!) from the ceiling above her audience surrounded by a beautifully designed crystal chandelier. While hanging through the chandelier, she dances her spectacular choreography while pouring flutes of champagne to the crowd below this is a wonder you have to see to believe. Performers can accommodate any beverage from champagne to freshly made cocktails.

If we need to provide the structure, the rental fee is an additional

We currently have 3 different sizes available!! All chandeliers come with chandelier, costume, aerialist, assistant, rigging, and lighting. We offer 3: 20-25 minute sets per price point shown below:

• Small Chandelier: good for spaces 16’ and higher/
• Medium Chandelier: good for spaces 18’ and higher/
• we have 2 Large Chandelier: good for spaces 20’ and higher/

5 REASONS TO BOOK Aerial Artistry Aerial Bartender or Champagne Pouring Aerialist in LA

  • WOW Factor entertainment – amaze guests as they enter the room
  • 1 hour service includes pouring champagne or wine with aerial acrobat
  • Have this setup during the cocktail hour in the main lobby
  • Have this set-up above the wedding reception dance floor while you party
  • Solo and multiple Aerialist are available upon requests
  • Instead of having servers handing glasses to guests, we can do our chandelier models or strolling tables!
    Chandelier Models or Strolling Table

#aerialbartendersAerial Artistry will send you a videos on the Aerial Bartenders’ profiles. This is the single most important indicator of whether or not this Aerial Bartender is right for your function.Aerial Artistry will help you to understand if Aerial Bartender will be appropriate for your event? Most Aerial Bartenders, variety entertainment services and live event entertainment are custom for each client.

if you looking to create a custom live entertainment experience for your next event? If you have a seemingly off the wall idea. I’m sure we have a unique way to make it happen! contact us today Call today for a quote 1(917)755 7744 or send us EMAIL


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