Book or Hire an Aerial Bartender or Champagne Pouring Aerialist

Hire Aerial BartendersAerial Artistry Aerial Bartenders or ‘Champagne Chandeliers’ are a unique and stunning entertainment concept,  WE specialise in hiring the best Champagne Aerialists and Aerial Bartenders for international events.

Aerial Artistry provided original and beautiful our Champagne Chandeliers Entertainment for Mitsubishi Cooling and Heating Conference in New York City at the Cipriani 42 street. Aerial Artistry translated entertainment into a unique and beautiful with such as a burlesque Aerial Bartenders dangling to pour champagne while they literally hanging upside down in the air suspending from a beautiful Crystal Chandeliers designed by Aerial Artistry.

Hire Aerial BartendersThis act consists of (2) 30 Minute or (3) 20 sets performances in which our aerial bartender performs, serves, interacts with your guests, and makes them feel involved in the spectacle way! #AerialBartenders or #ChampagneChandeliers are a unique and stunning#entertainment concept for any event. Performances in which our performer is Suspended up in the air is a chandelier prop with the bottles suspended around the beautiful crystal chandelier. Aerial Bartender or ‘Champagne Chandelier’ is a unique and stunning entertainment concept for any event! Our beautiful glamor aerial bartenders will amaze, dazzle, amuse and enchant your guests as aerial bartender is raised and lowered on a motor as she pours the drinks directly for the guests, while literally hanging upside down and flipping and spinning through the air. We specialize in hiring the best Aerialists and Aerial Bartenders for #corporateevents #internationalevents.

We currently have 3 different sizes available!!
All chandeliers come with chandelier, costume, aerialist, assistant, rigging, and lighting.
  • Small Chandelier: good for spaces 16’ and higher/
  • Medium Chandelier: good for spaces 18’ and higher/
  • 2 Large Chandeliers: good for spaces 20’ and higher/

Hire Aerial BartendersOur aerial bartenders can adapt big to smaller venues and are extremely flexible. They are professionals who can overcome virtually any technical problems and still give an exciting and satisfying performance.

If you have a seemingly off the wall idea. I’m sure we have a unique way to make it happen!

if you looking to create a custom live entertainment experience for your next event? If you have a seemingly off the wall idea. I’m sure we have a unique way to make it happen! contact us today

  • Aerial Bartenders NYC
  • Aerial Bartenders Las Vegas
  • Aerial Bartenders Miami
  • Champagne Chandeliers NYC
  • Champagne Chandelier Las Vegas
  • Champagne Chandeliers Miami
  • Aerial Bartenders Orlando

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