ABCO Adventure Trip Bahamas Atlantis Resort and Casino -event entertainment

aerial bartenders in bahamasABCO is honored to be your host on the 2013 ABCO Adventure Trip to the Bahamas Atlantis Resort and Casino on Paradise Island. Prepare yourself for the utmost in luxury in this beautiful ocean-themed resort destination. With so much to do, it’s the ultimate place to have an adventure, or just indulge and relax. Whatever you choose, you’ve earned it.

The Atlantis Resort and Casino is a world famous Caribbean destination, featuring world-class accommodations and a relaxed tropical ambiance. Experience the thrill of the 141-acre water park featuring a mile-long river ride and high-speed water slides. Grab a tube and relax on the mile-long rive ride featuring rolling rapids and waves or visit anyone of the 11 unique and alluring pools.

Aerial Artistry provided original and beautiful Entertainment for ABCO Adventure Trip evening events. Of course you want your guests to be excited we welcomed the guests like true celebrities,  by a 30 foot living red carpet ending with a beautiful dress entertainer up on a pedestal into the event. When guests walked into the ballroom, audiences were surprised with innovative Strolling Tables serving the appetizers. It was a great addition to any theme entertainment! people were amused that the model is in the center of the table. Aerial Artistry translated entertainment into a unique and beautiful with such as a burlesque Aerial Bartenders dangling to pour champagne while they literally hanging upside down in the air suspending from a beautiful Crystal Chandeliers designed by aerial artistry.

Bahamas Entertainment

Among intriguing works of art and astounding entertainment, partygoers performances by ballroom dancers and creating the buzz  like you watching the dancing with the stars show and then dancing together with the crowd. Also there was no better way to wow the guests at the beach event with Aerial Artistry fire breathers dance show, Not to forget about amazing contortion and hula-hoop performers, performing and posing for the pictures.

ABCO Adventure Trip held in Bahamas Atlantis Resort and Casino on tropical Paradise Island on November 10th – 15th, 2013.

if you looking to create a custom live entertainment experience for your next event in Bahamas Atlantis Resort and Casino? If you have a seemingly off the wall idea. I’m sure we have a unique way to make it happen! contact us today

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