Aerial Artistry at the “BMW” JOY event in China-event

With China as its No 1 market, the carmaker launches new programs.

As a six year exclusive automotive partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee, BMW is holding series of Olympic activities to welcome the 2012 London Olympic Games just open on July 28. As the global sports gala gets underway, the latest sales figures show that China became BMW’s largest market in the world in this year despite an overall downturn in the Chinese auto market. The move to support the China’s Olympic teams shows the carmaker’s commitment to the local market, said the top executive of its China operations on July 14 after the launch of BMW’s all-new 3 Series. “The cooperation between BMW and the Olympics is deep and sustainable,” said Ivan Koh President of BMW China Automotive Trading Co, during an exclusive interview with China Daily following the launch ceremony.

As prelude to the 2012 London Olympic Games, BMW has hosted several activities in China incorporating its brand value ”JOY” The 2012 Olympic JOY Festival that began in July includes a gala night show, a summer companied a sports competition. The two-hour JOY Night on July 14. Began with a drifting performance by MINI cars and BMWM series models. Several Chinese pop singers BMW VIP’s include Music icon Cui Jian, director Zhang Yimou, Dr Christoph Stark, president and CEO of BMW Group Great Region China, with anchorwoman Zhu Dan, Olaf Kastner, president and CEO of BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd, Dr Ralf Rodepeter, director of the BMW Museum, Prince Leopold von Bayern and Young UK singing sensation Leona Lewis brought Olympic passion to the audience. The program follow with performance by Aerial Artistry Power Skips Acrobats team turn these high flyers into Supermen! As the Power Skips Acrobats dazzle the crowd at a major event for BMW Olympic JOY Festival at the Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium in Beijing.  There is no better way to wow your audience by performing multiple synchronized somersaults over the cars and mid air twists at an unbelievable pace. Power Skip Acrobats are perfect for Car launching events, corporate events, television, consents, Ceremonies or sport and Olympic events. The carmakers express initiative offers car owners 12 services finished in just two hours.

The maintenance will be free of charge if it takes longer. BMW also provides 24hour Roadside Assistance.  At the 2012 London Olympics, BMW Brand and MINI Brand will sponsor the Chinese fencing, sailing, snowboarding and freestyle skiing Olympic teams. BMW focus for Olympic marketing is long-term brand building rather than short-term profits. Part of that long view is an Olympic promotional program for Chinese youth with the theme of “breaking through the ’JOY dream


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