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Hire Live Entertainment! Entertainers ideas for any Event!
Living RedCarpet Statue-Combining the glamour of the red carpet with exotic fashion is our specialty. Guests walk on the “red carpet” before realizing that it is part of a surreal, couture gown. Perfect for VIP entrances, grand openings and soiree fun.
• Available in 50 feet length measurements.
• Flooring specific; please provide with details on type of flooring

Human Chandeliers Dancers. There is no better way to transition from a dinner to a dancing party mood. Our beautiful Human Crystal Chandelier Dancers could appear anywhere in the room and start performing choreography with lighted crystal Chandeliers on the top of their heads! Later on they could create an aura of elegance as they drifted about serving cigars, candy or just dancing with the guests. We do have available 10 Human Crystal Chandelier Dancers.

Aerial Bartenders Chandelier: Aerial Bartenders or ‘Champagne Chandelier are a unique and stunning entertainment concept for any event! Our beautiful glamazons perform breathtaking Aerial Chandelier Bartender will Amaze and entertain your guests as pours flutes of champagne while literally hanging upside down in the air. Their grace, stamina and scintillating presence will entertain your guests at any live events fashion show, award night, product launch or grand opening, or even just fun private events or VIP parties.

Disco/Mirror man- Disco/Mirror Man is a great way to liven up any event. The Disco/Mirror Man employs his body as a canvas where the shattered mirror reproduces the real world. The mirror deflects lights and reflects fragments of everything in his vicinity. Interactively engage your guests and help bring life to your event’s dance floor.Dancing with Disco/Mirror Man is the way to WOW your guests! He will make everybody dancing and posing for photos!

The Power Skip performers will dazzle your audience by performing multiple synchronized somersaults and mid air twists at an unbelievable pace. Power Skip perfect act for sport and ceremonies events.

SPEED PAINTER– Whether your needs are a short signature presentation or a full entertainment program, Fast Painter will always deliver, charm and energize your attendees. Bursting with energy, touching motivational speeches contra Fast Painter is a multi-talented ultra faceted artist. Fast Painter to guarantee flawless entertainment tailored to suit your needs. An unforgettable experience. Also we have female artist!

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