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For corporate company parties, aerial bartending can be the secret weapon to giving your soiree the ultimate “wow” factor.

Already big in locales like Los Angeles, Miami New York and San Francisco, aerial bartending involves professional performers suspended from the beautiful crystal chandelier either on silks, a lyra, static trapeze or harness and pouring guests flutes of light-colored beverages, such as champagne.

Ideal for cocktail hour, or for giving guests an eyeful of magic right when they walk in the door, aerial bartending actually requires less venue features than you might think. Many aerialists pour/perform from their own portable rigs, or attach to a single rigging point (such as an exposed beam or theatrical grid). A satellite bar is then typically stationed beneath them with a stock of glasses and beverage, often with a regular bartender on terra firma to help out.

Typically, an aerialist will take care to make sure guests aren’t walking right underneath them, and this is where the satellite bar comes in handy. Guests simply approach the bar like they normally would, and a beautiful being suspended from the sky hands them their drink!

When the aerialist isn’t pouring beverages, he or she can move through poses and sequences to lend your party an exciting atmosphere. The beauty of aerial bartending is how adaptable it is to different party themes! Your aerialist’s costume and sequences can be light and playful or dark and mysterious. No matter what, it’s always pretty glamorous.

Have YOU ever seen an aerial bartender in action? What was it like?

Our glamorous aerial acrobats will meet and greet your guests from above while pouring champagne! Whatever your event requires – Aerial Artistry can provide!

We can also take care of all the rigging requirements and even have free standing aerial rigging for venues that don’t have rigging points. We have it all covered, so look no further.  For more information on hiring our aerial acrobats or to book one of our stunning aerial shows contact us today at

Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas 2018

Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas and Top Cirque entertainment, Circus acts, Cirque style shows for Company Holiday Party 2018. Aerial Artistry can provide a circus show from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Cirque Style Entertainment-Aerial ArtistryAerial Artistry brings top entertainers from professional circus performers to clean comedians, magicians, mentalists, aerial acrobats, jugglers and cirque style show – all perfect for company holiday and Christmas party entertainment.

Imagine kickoff your company holiday party with Cirque style? Allow our performers to circulate throughout your party engaging your guests and have them craving for more.

It’s Not just another Holiday Party when Circus acts are laced throughout your program. Guests are captivated as performers astonish your audience with alluring acts performed before their eyes. Imagine Guests are seated and before the first course. Cirque performers are flying over the crowd dangling from high above. Just before their second course, a contortionist appears transforming her body into poses you never thought possible. Entertainment between the courses is designed for clients with time or monetary limitations. Guests continue to network and socialize during the Holliday party event while they are dazzled by each performer. Company Holiday Party Dinner Surprise! The final course is served and the show begins. These seated shows can range from 25 to 90 minutes acts being performed in an atmosphere of wonderment. You watch in delight while your guests are in awe of each performance.

Celebrate holidays 2018 that once in a lifetime event. Cirque performers mold themselves into your theme with their exceptional talent. A performer who balances himself on multiple canes while using only one arm. Hanging above trapeze artists excite your guests with magnificent style.Any celebration is elevated to new heights when our performers dazzle your guests as you party like never before. Circus performers fascinate guests everywhere. Any setting is perfect convention centers, arenas, theaters or even outside! Performances are created in any length you desire.

So inject some flair into your company holiday party 2018 and get your group having a great time. Tell us more about your event to quickly get a tailored list of on-budget, audience appropriate, and memorable, entertainment ideas.


Corporate holiday party entertainment- Hire our Beautiful Aerial Bartenders

Corporate holiday party entertainment- Hire our Beautiful Aerial Bartenders

hire chandelier aerial bartenders

AerialArtistry  present Aerial Bartenders or ‘Champagne Chandeliers‘ are a unique and stunning entertainment concept for any event.

WE specialise in hiring the best Champagne Aerialists and Aerial Bartenders for international events. This act consists of (2) 30 Minute or (3) 20 sets performances in which our performer is hanging (upside down!)  from the ceiling above her audience surrounded by a beautifully designed cristal chandelier. While hanging through the chandelier, she dances her spectacular choreography while pouring flutes of champagne to the crowd below. Performers can accommodate any beverage from champagne to freshly made cocktails.

Our aerial bartenders can adapt big to smaller venues and are extremely flexible. They are professionals who can overcome virtually any technical problems and still give an exciting and satisfying performance.

corporate events chandelier aerial bartenders

Aerial Artistry entertainment agency will create entertainment  and put together unique show for any high end Event or worldwide conference. If you have a seemingly off the wall idea I’m sure Aerial Artistry entertainment agency team will have a unique way that your event will presented in the most impressive way

Aerial Artistry is the elite booking entertainment, wonderful for finding first class talent.  Check out our site for more ideas and resources to help you plan a successful any event worldwide event or email for entertainment options.

Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Holiday Parties- Aerial Artistry

Entertainment Ideas: for Corporate Holiday Parties

Corporate holiday parties can be a lot of fun, or they can be terribly awkward.  So, how do you make sure you plan a great party that makes everyone happy? You book fabulous entertainment.

Booking corporate holiday party entertainment can be easy; all it takes is envisioning how the entertainment will fit into the overall event. Since we know a thing or two about entertainment, we’d like to give you an early holiday present by offering you some tips on booking corporate holiday party entertainment:

Living Red Carpet- Imagine the shock and delight your guests will experience as they enter your event on a living red carpet that is actually a long flowing gown on a live opera singer or violin player, or any one of our stunning living statues, or appetizer tables “worn” by a party themed performer. Statue-Combining the glamour of the red carpet with exotic fashion is our specialty. Guests walk on the “red carpet” before realizing that it is part of a surreal, couture gown.


Sounds of the Season- Every party needs music and corporate events are no exception. When booking Dj,s musical entertainment you should keep your audience in mind, as well as what function you want the band or soloist to perform at the event – will they be background music? Or do you want them to be the main event?  Once you answer those questions, and take into consideration theme and venue, you should be able to narrow down the best musical options for your party.

Cocktails and Conversation- Sometimes corporate holiday parties can get off to a slow start, or worse, they feel like a meeting with food. If you think this could be a problem at your holiday party, then you should look to hire an aerial bartender and Strolling Tables:

Aerial Bartender- Aerial Artistry providers with amazing Aerial Bartenders.  Aerial Bartenders or ‘Champagne Chandeliers’ are a unique and stunning entertainment concept for any event! This act consists of (2) 30 Minute or (3) 20 sets performances in which our performer is hanging (upside down!) from the ceiling above her audience surrounded by a beautifully designed  7 feet crystal chandelier.  While hanging through the chandelier, aerial bartender dances her spectacular choreography while pouring flutes of champagne to the crowd below. Performers can accommodate any beverage from champagne to freshly made cocktails.

Strolling Tables- Our beautifully costumed Strolling Tables will  be the hit of your next event! Our actors and models mingle with your guests while serving cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, desserts, handing out brochures, samples or giveaways. For your next Trade Show, Convention Booth or Bridal Faire leave it to us to demonstrate your product and answer questions all while being mobile and reaching out to where the clients are. It’s not every day people see a Human Table and it’s a sure bet to catch their eye! To learn more about strolling tables, visit our main website just for our strolling tables and buffet heads,

Strolling Entertainment- Variety entertainer. Magicians, impersonators and jugglers can help break the ice and get conversations started between guests. Variety entertainers are great for corporate functions because they steal the show, taking pressure off guests to come up with bland conversation. Instead of uncomfortable small talk, guests will naturally be talking about the amazing entertainment!

Singers- We also have a wide selection of singers such as Christmas carolers, opera singers, rappers, strolling waiters, Broadway singers and a cappella.

Variety/Novelty Acts- From the beautiful to the bizarre, we have many different options for your theme. Try something new like a human statue, buffet head or angle grinder, UV and LED performers, fire performers, shadow dancers, human fountains, living rocks and trees and hundreds more.

12-sphereCirque/Circus Acts– Amaze your guests with astounding performances by our entertainers from all over the world. Choose from cirque characters, aerialists, stiltwalkers, contortionists, acrobalance, jugglers, trapezeists, acrobats, hoola hoopers, fire performers, Chinese poles and more.

Celebrity Impersonators– Singers –We also have a wide selection of singers such as Christmas carolers, opera singers, rappers, strolling waiters, Broadway singers and a cappella and doo-wap groups. The next best thing to the real thing and sometimes even better! Our celebrity impersonators and look-a-likes will steal the show at your next event. Choose from stars from the past like Marilyn or stars of today such as Brad Pit . They are great for emceeing awards banquets, standing on the red carpet of your Hollywood themed party with fake paparazzi, fans and bodyguards. You can shock your guests with a speech from a past or present president, complete with secret service agents.

Strolling Acts- Our collection of skilled entertainers can go where your guests are. Some of the classic favorites are our magicians, stiltwalkers, jugglers, human statues, mimes and mirror man. You can also choose from cigarette/candy girls, strolling musicians, human strolling tables, costumed characters, pickpockets, wallpaper body paint are applied directly to models’ bodies and match up perfectly with their background, acting as a kind of camouflage. But the bodies are not entirely hidden in the patterns; rather, they become part of the pattern and allow the background to flow even more beautifully.

Shows/Acts- How about a Burlesque, Cirque style show or Vegas style production? There are hundreds of options of shows and styles you can choose from. Our shows include professional cirque performers, dancers and live singers that will delight any guest.

Models– Our gorgeous models are terrific as hostesses for your event. They can help attract attention to your booth, promote your product and enhance your company’s image, and many are bilingual. Your logo and product can be painted on their bodies for instant advertising or they can wear costumes that compliment your theme. They are available as escorts for Awards Presentations, bartenders and servers. They can be used as medical models to demonstrate a new medical device or be a spokes model for a new product launch. Our actors are fabulous for scripted scenes for business videos or a great opener for a general session. They can also be used as themed characters for your event and interact with your guests.

Dancers– Whether you are looking for graceful ballerinas or mind blowing break dancers, we have the dancers for you. Choose from choreographed Broadway style numbers to freestyle go go dancers and hip hop performers. We have dance instructors available as well. You can choose from Bollywood, Belly Dancers, Ballroom Dancers, Burlesque Dancers, Cheerleaders, Swing Dancers, Showgirls, Country Dancers, Asian Dancers, Samba Dancers and more.

Motivational/Celebrity Speakers- Our speakers can set the tone for your general session by energizing, inspiring and informing your guests. These amazing storytellers come from the worlds of business, technology, politics, entertainment, literature and sports.

Artists- People love to bring home a souvenir and our artists can create lasting memories for your guests. Choose from standards like our caricaturists, silhouette artist, balloon artists, face painters, tattoo artists, hair braiders and Henna artists. Try something new with a paper flower artist, candy sculptor, body painter, sand castle builder,  ice sculptor, Graffiti artist or speed painter.

Holiday- Whether it’s Santa Claus or leprechauns you are needing, leave it to us to provide your holiday entertainment. Want to have an out of the box theme? How about an ice themed party complete with all white chainsaw wielding ice carvers, ice princesses,  models with a touch of white fur, professional ice skaters and frozen human statues,  drummers, beautiful costumes, big costume heads and floats.

Ethnic- We can provide beautiful costuming and entertainers that come from around the world. if you have a seemingly off the wall idea. I’m sure I have a unique way to make it happen!

Aerial Artistry is based New York, Miami, and Las Vegas  entertainment agency provides custom entertainment elements for corporate events, galas, weddings, conferences, trade shows and more, nationwide. If you are looking for cutting edge entertainment;  Living Red Carpet, DJ’s, Bands, Musicians, Celebrity Impersonators, Models, Costumed Characters, Strolling Tables, Champagne Models, Towering Divas,  Magicians, Jugglers, Stilt Walkers, Fire Dancers and LED Spinners, Cirque Style Acts, Aerial Artists / Silk Artists and Aerial Bartenders and Variety Acts you have landed in the right place.

Aerial Artistry is the elite booking entertainment, wonderful for finding first class talent.  Check out our site for more ideas and resources to help you plan a successful corporate holiday event, and the Holiday Party Planning pages or email  for entertainment options.

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