Photo Expo-Trade Show Ideas

IMG_0548Expo and Trade Show Entertainmet Ideas

Photo Expo-Trade Show Entertainers Ideas, Successful photo is Shaping for Camera show #photography more than just taking pictures with a good camera. As with other forms of art, well-executed photography always strives to convey an idea or message in one way or another – a good example of this is Action Photography Create perfect Action at your Expo booth with Aerial Artistry entertainers for your next trade show or expo! Timing is a key element in great action photography. If you shoot at the right moment you’ll get a better shot than if you miss the moment. The secrets to good timing are knowledge of thefullsizerender sport you’re photographing, great way to practice work live #entertainers example #swardswallower #firebreahter or #snakecharming. If you know the techniques are second nature, you’ll find that luck will come your way a lot more frequently. You’ll see those key moments developing, and be ready to capture them when they occur. #expo #expofilm #tradeshowphotography #photoplusexpo Aerial Artistry is a world class Entertainment. Every effort is made to provide the entertainment which meets your needs, and we are assured that you will be pleased with our services. No request is too large or too small. “we make dreams come true”.We have unique entertainment with the “best” Acts/Talents include Cirque performers include Cirque performers, Magicians, Dancers, Promotional Models, Strolling Tables, Aerial Acrobats, Living Red Carpet and more. We also feature Aerial Bartenders, look alike impersonators, and more! “We make Dreams Come True” Aerial Artistry provides the best and most talented performers.Contact us today or Call for a quote 1(917)755 7744 or send us EMAIL for unique entertainment options and an impressive collection of ‘WOW Factor’ entertainment.

Auto show-Car Launch Show Ideas

Car shows are events held across the country in which participants enter their cars and prizes are given out based on who has the best looking or most customized car. People all over the world love auto shows and the ambiance that surrounds them. These events are often held for the whole family, and they often have connected  events and entertainment to make them successful year after year. It can be understood as people who run to auto shows really, really love cars and would travel far and wide to witness a new roll-out in person. They are simply obsess over pistons and dream of powertrains at night. Here are a few things you can do to make your car show better.

If you have a seemingly off the wall idea I’m sure Aerial Artistry entertainment agency team will have a unique way that new cars are revealed in the most impressive way. Some cars companies such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Toyota, Renault,  and others have high standards and always ask for more fun entertainment to present their new models.

Recently, we brought our power skips acrobats team to the Auto Shanghai (China).  Six of our acrobats on stilts had to perform four times per day to animate the Volkswagen Launching Party. A real success as a crowd was present each show to enjoy their performance and of course have a look at the cars.

The biggest auto shows in the world such as Auto Shanghai (China), Bologna Motor Show (Italy), Paris Motor Show (France), International Geneva Motor Show (Switzerland), Frankfurt Motor Show (Germany) as well as the Tokyo Motor Show (Japan) The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Hire our unique entertainment to entertain visitors during the motor show on different cars booths to attract people’s attention, regularly we are asked to create entire shows where performers, acrobats, stunts, models or  dancers are brought together.

We also created many car mapping shows for 1Formula Mercedes-Benz in Shanghai, Toyota in Las Vegas, Audi,  BMW China,  Audi ABT Unveiling at SEMA Show. These shows are very impressive and the audience is usually very receptive. The technology is a great asset as it helps to discover the car in its true environment.

For Mercedes, our a power skips acrobats team create high energy  with The Power Skip performers dazzling your audience by performing multiple synchronized somersaults over the cars and mid air twists at an unbelievable pace.

For Toyota, we put together an aerial acrobatic show with stunning display of grace and strength at heights reaching up to 30ft, our Aerial Chiffon artists floated over and around the audience on a whisper of billowing fabric, performing a breathtaking aerial dance which requires agility, flexibility and enormous acrobatic skills.

Aerial Artistry entertainment agency will create entertainment  and put together unique show for worldwide auto shows. We have given you just a few concrete example of operations we have done on motor shows.

Aerial Artistry is the elite booking entertainment, wonderful for finding first class talent.  Check out our site for more ideas and resources to help you plan a successful motor shows and the worldwide auto shows or email  for entertainment options.

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